Scarab Reminds You of Your Transcendence

Every week, I drum and chant and go to the Land of the Power Animals to see who has a message us. This week, it was Scarab who appeared.

Scarab Speaks:

“I am Scarab. I am the beetle who signifies the Sun God Ra to ancient Egyptians. My classic shape has been depicted in precious jewelry, carved in stone, cast in gold, all to show the closeness and favor of the powerful god.

“As you see, the most lowly form, the most tiny of creatures, can become a great power and carry great meaning. I have a dignity beyond my mere physical form because of this association. I have decorated kings and queens!

“And what are you? Are you simply this physical form with flaws, weaknesses and limitations? Or are you Scarab, a god who walks the earth, the ultimate symbol of power?

“And so, we must ask. What would you become if you were to realize the transcendence that lies within you, if you were to truly embrace the god that you are?

“Say, yes, yes, I am Scarab! I am the miracle and the power, and there is no limit to my glory!”

And now, breathe in Scarab energy deeply. Feel it within you. In greatest glory, be you, be Scarab.

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