Anaconda Speaks through Silence

Every week, I drum and chant and go to the Land of the Power Animals to see who has a message us. This week, it was Anaconda who appeared.

Anaconda speaks:

“I am power in repose. I am force and majesty. I have a presence that does not need to be broadcast aloud. My silence speaks my power.”

At this point, not surprisingly, Anaconda lapsed into silence. And so I called to Running Wolf to tell us if there is a further message for us that Anaconda wishes to convey.

Running Wolf’s answer is this:

“Go deep inside and feel who you are. Let your light shine. Now, take that light and breathe into it, like fanning a fire. Watch it grow in brilliance; watch it spread wider. At the core of this light is a strength that does not express itself in words. Go into that personal power and let it fill your body. Breathe in this way until you have light surrounding you in a brilliant aura and every cell of your body is filled with silent power.

“Now, go out into the world and be, shine, project. Listen to what others have to say without a need to interject. Feel and own your power when you are sitting by yourself on a park bench or striding down the street. Be. Shine. Project.

“Let anxiety and tension drain from your body. Drop any concern about what others think of you. Hold your head high. Walk slowly and with dignity. You are power contained that has no need to talk about it.”

And now, breathe in Anaconda energy deeply. Feel it within you. In deepest silence, be you, be Anaconda.

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