Dove Speaks of Peace

Every week, I drum and chant and go to the Land of the Power Animals to see who has a message for us. This week, Dove appeared.

Dove speaks:

We enter the season of peace. A time to grow quiet and reflect. A time to turn inward and find peace in your heart and soul.

Create the deep well of peace within, knowing in every moment that peace begins with you.

Peace is in the way you greet a stranger as well as the way you create a loving bond with friends and family. Peace is in the calm way you accept the personalities of others, the soothing way you speak to anger and fear, the tolerant way you listen attentively to the story you have heard before.

Peace is the deep well upon which you may draw endlessly. Fill it now, deep within you. It will never run dry.

And now, breathe deeply and become one with Dove energy.  Allow yourself to fill with peace and love, joy and wonder.  Be Dove!

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