Great White Egret Asks You to Sprout Wings

I went on a meditative journey to the Land of the Power Animals.  Great White Egret appeared and asked me to deliver a message to you.

Here is your message from Great White Egret:

Everything is open to question.  Every belief you have, everything you have been told.  It is all open to question.

Freedom is in the flight from the known into the unknown, into the beckoning mystery.

Why cling to the cliff, worrying that you may fall, when your wings are bursting to break free, to grow out your back, to then lift you and soar?  Why are you trying so hard to prevent your wings from sprouting forth?  Is it because of how wrong they will look in the clothing of society’s beliefs and your own?

Let them poke through your clothing and disrupt your world.  Let them start to sprout and expand.  Let feathers spring out upon your back and form into the wings you are meant to have.

Get ready to fly!

And now, breathe in Great White Egret energy deeply.  Feel it within you.  Sense the shoulder blades on your back.  Do you feel the desire to sprout wings and fly?  What beliefs are holding you to the ground?

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