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Great White Egret Asks You to Sprout Wings

I went on a meditative journey to the Land of the Power Animals.  Great White Egret appeared and asked me to deliver a message to you. Here is your message from Great White Egret: Everything is open to question.  Every belief you have, everything you have been told.  It is all open to question. Freedom […]

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Dove Speaks of Peace

Every week, I drum and chant and go to the Land of the Power Animals to see who has a message for us. This week, Dove appeared. Dove speaks: We enter the season of peace. A time to grow quiet and reflect. A time to turn inward and find peace in your heart and soul. […]

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Scarab Reminds You of Your Transcendence

Every week, I drum and chant and go to the Land of the Power Animals to see who has a message us. This week, it was Scarab who appeared. Scarab Speaks: “I am Scarab. I am the beetle who signifies the Sun God Ra to ancient Egyptians. My classic shape has been depicted in precious […]

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Camel speaks of Resilience and Belief

Message to You from Camel: “As you cross the Sahara, you never know what you might find. One day the sun is gentle and kind, the next day it is cruel and unforgiving. On one journey the water hole gives forth freely, on another it has run dry. One day the beauty of the sand dazzles […]

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Mama Bears Says: Protect Your Pure Innocence

Message to You from Mama Bear: “Nurture, support and protect your pure and innocent inner essence, that tender and vulnerable yearning heart. “Stand tall, strong and powerful in the world, while your playful, carefree spirit romps in the grass with joy and gazes at the honey bee with wonder.” Do you resonate with this message? […]

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