About Power Animals

You are not alone.  You are deeply loved and surrounded by help. white-horse400-2

The Power Animals are a part of that pure benevolent Spirit around you.  They are energy in a highly concentrated form.  And they want to help you create a life of beauty, power, wealth, vibrant health and fulfillment.  They want to help you in very practical, real-life ways by reminding you of your own power.

You are an immensely powerful person.  You have so much within you that you have not yet reached, abilities, talents and skills beyond imagining.

The Power Animals will help you step into your own power by recognizing that you are one with them.

Here’s how to use this powerful energy:

  1. Come to this site every morning or whenever you are seeking guidance.
  2. Sit by the stream and listen to the water flowing.  Breathe deeply into your center.  LionFocus on the day ahead and the challenges before you.  Ask for assistance or ask a question.
  3. Enter the Enchanted Forest.  Wait quietly, tuning into your intuition.
  4. Click(tap) when you feel your Power Animal approaching.
  5. Read the description and understand the message this Power Animal has for you.  (If you don’t understand it now, just print the screen–you will understand it later.)
  6. Look at the picture of the Power Animal.  Relax your energies into allowing and receiving.  Do not push.  Do not be desperate.  Relax and know that you have everything within you that you need.
  7. Breathe in the energy of the Power Animal.  Feel it filling you.  Feel its energy as your own, its power and wonder, its brilliance.
  8. Go out in the world and be this.  Shoulders back, chin up, eyes forward.  You are power unfolding.
  9. As you go through your day, remember:  You are everything you need to be.  You are the Power Animal!

Thank you so much for coming to visit.  I do hope you decide to enter the Enchanted Forest every day.

Love & peace,


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