A Stunning New Understanding for a New Year

I am writing to share a new understanding formed by a dream, the Fox Full Moon event and my meditation this morning. I am also giving you a gift of today’s meditation, below.

Fox and Dreaming

A few days ago, I had a dream. In that dream, someone said to me: “You are living as if you are floating in a stream, when there is a path for you to walk.”

Then, after Fox came forward to lead us in the Full Moon, I kept having flashes of a silvery path that seemed related to Fox.

Last night, under the Full Moon, Fox showed us a ribbon of moonlight stretching across a sea of energy. It is a narrow path to walk, but it is one that is highly beneficial and delivers to you your deep-seated desire for a life of love, fulfillment, health and prosperity. But this path does not go where you think it will, of course!

Did you miss the Fox Full Moon? You can still purchase the recording on http://pow33.com/wp/full-moon-live-event . It was a quite an arresting image, that narrow ribbon of moonlight, and the 43-minute meditation was full of compelling and interesting information.

This Morning

In my meditation this morning, it was clear to me that a new understanding is being opened to us, a new way to look at things as we create this life of ours.

In this meditation, you are asked to imagine that you have a higher self (or soul self, if you prefer) that exists in a non-rational, non-local sea of consciousness, a place outside of time and space. This all-seeing, all-knowing self can see all that is, has ever been, and is likely to be, as well as a path that is beneficial for you to walk in this ordinary world.

You, as your higher self, are pouring down love and guidance to the You that is existing in this ordinary, time-bound, earth-bound world. This is a highly personal engagement. After all, it is You, loving yourself and caring deeply about who you are and what happens to you, and having all the knowledge and wisdom required to provide the guidance for a life well-lived.

And all that blocks you from this loving, caring guidance is your unconscious sleepwalking, the dampening effect of thoughts and emotions focused on past and future, and most of all, your resistance to what is. What opens this vast store of love and wisdom to you is awareness, engagement, expansion, paying attention in the most vibrant way.

A Gift for You

I am giving you today’s meditation as a gift.  You may:

And Now

Going across my mind right now is: “To whom much is given, much is required.” Much is given to you, including a loving, caring and powerful presence in a realm beyond time and space, in a sea of knowledge and wisdom. But much is required to access the guidance pouring down, including:

  • present moment awareness, more vibrant than thoughts and triggered emotions
  • a focus on wisdom instead of the distractions of this world
  • an end to resistance
  • saying YES to the invitations to newness that come your way
  • a brave stepping out on the ribbon of moonlight without knowing exactly where it leads
  • a deep belief in the love that guides you and your ability to access it.

Do you find it confusing when spiritualists say you are infinitely powerful, even though your ordinary life shows so much evidence to the contrary? Do you feel you must somehow be lacking something? You do have that power, that insight, but you need to access it through the silence. And the advice to love yourself? You do love yourself, beyond all knowing. But you need to open to that love and trust it to lead you.

And now, I wish you a most wondrous 2018, setting foot on that ribbon of moonlight!

Love & peace,


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