Live Empowerments

Several times a week, I go into the shaman cave. I drum, sing and open to Spirit for energy work, healing and guidance.  Below you will find recordings of empowerment sessions I thought would be of interest to lovers of Power Animals. They were recorded live, as they came to me and are here as my gift to you.

Just click on the title below to listen (left-click) or download (right-click).

Ride on Starlight, August 24, 2017 – 23 minutes

You take a ride on Starlight, a magnificent white winged horse.

Power Animal Healing, August 15, 2017 – 31 minutes

You enter the shaman cave and jump into the pool of water that is the passageway to the Land of the Power Animals. You tumble head over heels and finally out onto the precious earth.

You remember how the plants breathe out and you breathe in; you breathe out and they breathe in. You are aware of yourself as an energetic being, made of earth substance. And you are not only earth, but also mind, heart and emotion, all interacting, all requiring balance for optimum health.

And for this mind-body-spirit balancing, going into the present moment and living from there, there is nothing better than a Power Animal. The Power Animals are energy forms that you can call to yourself. They are tangible, real energy, just as you are.

You own your energy system and the thoughts and emotions that affect it. You can also invite a Power Animal to be within you. There is room within you to hold the loving, benevolent energy of a Power Animal. This energy then informs your energy body of how to heal itself, how to be whole and in the present moment, where everything you want exists.

As I sing, you have the opportunity to call a Power Animal to you.

We invite the spirits of the four corners of the earth, the South, West, North and East. We thank the four elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire. And we conclude with drumming and chanting.

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