Y2Y-Power Animals Supporting Wild Earth Animals

Yellowstone-to-Yukon is a non-profit organization with a grand vision:  to build a pathway for migrating wild animals to travel between Yellowstone and the Yukon.

This audacious effort involves multiple organizations in Canada and the United States.  It includes the construction of highway overpasses and underpasses and setting aside enough land to support the animal population.  It recognizes that people and nature can find ways to survive and thrive together.

If animals such as the grizzly bear live only in isolated pockets of land, they will die out.  They need to travel and breed with a wider population.  Also, as North America warms, many animals will need to travel to colder territory.  Y2Y is working to achieve this.

Please take a moment to review the Y2Y website and learn about their work.  You may donate directly to them on their site.




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