Snow Leopard has joined the Power Animals Unleashed!


Every week a new Power Animal joins the Power Animals Unleashed at This week it is the beautiful Snow Leopard. 

Snow Leopard:  Silent Intuition, Self-Knowledge and Spiritual Connection

Snow Leopard will teach you silent observation and intuitive mastery. Elusive and well-camouflaged, you have the ability to move invisibly, using your masterful intuition to see and sense what others cannot, even in dense snowfall.

And when the time is right, and you see what you want, you summon your strength and leap great distances to claim the prize.

As Snow Leopard, you seek the right environment and are highly effective when you are there. You know who you are and when and where you are at your best. Your big paws cushion you as you walk on the rocky crags in summer and act as snowshoes in the winter. Your broad, furry tail gives you great balance on the uneven mountain terrain, stores fat for the winter and also wraps around your face to keep you warm at night.

What suits you and gives you power is not for everyone. But you know when you are home.

As Snow Leopard, you can also reach great depths of spiritual connection. From lifetimes in the Himalayas, Snow Leopard has found the secret pathway to Shangri-La, the hidden paradise of enlightened beings, and can lead you there. The pathway is silent and solitary and will call upon your great reserves of inner strength.

But you are Snow Leopard and deep inside, you know the way.   

Come to Power Animals Unleashed ( every morning and enter the Enchanted Forest. Breathe and relax.   Then click(tap) when your intuition tells you that your Power Animal is approaching, full of wisdom and vibrant energy, just the right energy for the day that lies ahead.

Perhaps it will be Lion, bringing you confidence and presence, or Elephant, with deep wisdom and great strength. Or perhaps, just perhaps, it will be Snow Leopard!

Go to now and find out!


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