Seagull and Leopard Energies at the Monday Oct 30th Drum Circle

Invite the energies of Seagull and Leopard into your life this Monday, October 30th, at 9:30 AM in the Drum Circle at SoL Wellness Space. Learn and beat out their signature rhythms to call them to you.

Let Seagull fill you with Joy and Freedom and teach you Perspective. (Click here to learn more about Seagull energy!)

Let Leopard bring you practical assistance in life, with Preparation, Positioning and Agility. (Click here to learn more about Leopard energy!)

We will begin by clearing your energy field and then connecting you to that beautiful golden core energy that is your pure, essential self. We will invite blessings from the four corners of the earth and give thanks for the four elements. We will then drum Seagull and Leopard energies into our midst and merge their beautiful and powerful energies with our own.

After the Seagull and Leopard experiences, we will do steady, meditative drumming, letting the steady beat entrain your brain to the theta waves of meditation, while the drum beats out your distracting thoughts and emotions.

Come join the Drum Circle and begin your week full of clarity, strength and power! Use one of my drums or bring your own.

Here’s how to get to Lisa Sarick’s new yoga center, the SoL Wellness Space ( 814-258-2444

  • The Sol Wellness Space is at 608 W. Dubois Avenue.
  • Go west on 255, past the CVS.
  • Across from the Dubois Feed store, turn right into the driveway marked by a yellow Truck sign and a big, purple YOGA banner.
  • Go down the driveway and turn right again, then drive behind the Varco Oil building.
  • Park in front of the stone building and come on in!

I look forward to seeing you Monday morning!



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