Rabbit has Hopped Onto Power Animals Unleashed!


Every week a new Power Animal joins the Power Animals Unleashed at www.pow33.com. This week it is the adorable and surprisingly complex Rabbit.

Rabbit: Spontaneity, Fertility & Depth

Take a deep breath and let the spirit of Rabbit fill you.

Rabbit brings you great powers of observation and spontaneous, rapid responses, lightning-fast reflexes to deal with whatever comes your way. To others, who approach life with deliberate, slow steps, you may seem unpredictable, but you are simply a fast thinker and fleet of foot. You can shift directions instantly. Is there an obstacle in the way? You are Rabbit and you just leap right over it!

Rabbit is also fertile, creative and abundant, bringing forth new life, both physical and conceptual. As Rabbit, you are never stuck in non-productive states. Whenever you need to, you birth new ideas and new projects, over and over. Never stale and boring, you constantly breathe new life into whatever you choose to do.

Underneath that quick wit and spontaneous nature, Rabbit is surprisingly deep, connected closely with both the moon and the earth. As Rabbit, you are highly attuned to the lunar, monthly cycles. This lunar sensibility gives you a deep reflective nature, with a hidden river of emotion running through your heart and life. But you are no stranger to the earth energies, where you love to burrow into comfort and quiet, retreating within to recharge and replenish before you once again leap right back into life!

Ah, how blessed you are to be so complex, so deep and lively at the same time. What a gift to be Rabbit!

Come to Power Animals Unleashed (pow33.com) every morning and enter the Enchanted Forest. Breathe and relax. Then click(tap) when your intuition tells you that your Power Animal is approaching, full of wisdom and vibrant energy, just the right energy for the day that lies ahead.

Perhaps it will be Panther, brimming with patience and silent power, or Dolphin, overflowing with joy. Or perhaps, just perhaps, it will be Rabbit!

Go to pow33.com now and find out!


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