Private Sessions

Join me in a private, personal session, to receive the guidance that is surely there for you.

Deep inside you, in your heart and center, is your true essence, the wondrous, powerful being that wishes to be fully expressed in this lifetime.  It is never too late to bring forth your truth and shine out with who you are.  

“That session was truly amazing. It’s just as jaw-dropping the second time. I have never felt so ‘seen’, so validated and so loved. What more can one person do for another than what you did for me last week? I can’t think what it would be.” — Natasha S.

We will move beyond the voices of fear, self-doubt and confusion and into the strength, confidence, courage, clarity, connectedness and commitment you so deeply desire and deserve.

“How can I say thank you after that session?  Wowowow.  So true and so accurate, I feel it in my heart and center and bones.”  — Carol

Join me for a journey into your personal truth.

How to Get Started

The cost for your private, personal journey is $250.  Just click on the Buy Now button below to purchase with Paypal or a credit card.

Your private session will last as long as guidance flows, usually about 45 minutes to an hour.  We can meet on the telephone or Zoom.  Or I can conduct the session on your behalf without your physical participation.  Either way, I will send you a recording, so that you can listen over and over.

After you purchase your session, please send an email to to let me know your preferences and availability.

“THANK YOU for the wonderful session that we had yesterday. I was deeply moved by what came through and have listened to the session again and again. I am so glad to have a wonderful soul like you on the planet at this time.” — Juliet B.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful session today.  WOW!! I’m still resonating!”  —Nancy

Please feel free to write me at with any questions you have.

I do so look forward to our time together!

Love & peace,


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