Full Moon Journey

SAVE THE DATE:  The January Full Moon is on Thursday, January 28, 2021.  The signup form will appear here soon.

In the meantime, click on this link to listen to and download the Full Moon Journey from December 29th.

What to Expect from the Event

If you have not participated in one of my Full Moon Journeys before, here’s what to expect. 

You will join me in a live session, where I will drum, chant and go deeply into Spirit, asking to be led on a journey for all of us.  I will then speak aloud of what I see, hear and feel on the journey.  The session will be live, broadcast to you in the moment in which Spirit reveals it to me.

If you can, take a few minutes before the event to relax and breathe deeply.  Open your heart.  Know that your questions and concerns are heard and understood; they will be a part of our journey.

Then, during the journey, just relax, allow, and be one with the experience, which will probably last about 30-40 minutes.  Allow yourself to go deep and resonate with all that occurs.

I do so look forward to a deep experience with you!

Love & Peace,

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