Condor Speaks of Energy and History

A Message to You from Condor:

For many years, we have flown over the Andes. We carry in our blood the history of all that has happened here, for we have seen it all, looking down from above.

Everything that we do is full of history. We know the heartbeat of those who walk the mountains now and those who walked it hundreds, thousands of years ago. It all passes beneath us.

And you, you are like this as well. If you will allow yourself, you can sense the heartbeat, the energy, of all that has happened right where you are, of those who walked the land, swam the oceans and rivers and flew in the sky. The earth resonates with history, with the energies of all of who dwelt where you are now.

You are so much more than what you seem. And after your time on the earth has passed, your energy, your spirit, will live on and be felt by those who are sensitive to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Breathe in Condor energy. Feel and know the deep power of continuity, the eternal, fearless heartbeat of life.

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