Butterfly Full Moon Event on Sunday December 3rd

You are cordially invited to a deeply powerful event, the Butterfly Full Moon, a teleconference to be held live on Sunday, December 3rd, at 5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern.

Butterfly intelligence teaches us how to let go completely of what we appeared to be, holding only to our central essence while we recreate our new, shining self, borne on the wings of self-belief and trust.

The event is a gift to you, but you do need to register.  Click here to sign up now. You will receive the telephone number when you do.

Order a Recording, Too

If you can join the event live, by all means do so. I will relay the messages from Spirit just as I receive them. But if you can’t join live, or if you want to experience the event more than once, you may also order a recording.

The recording is $11 if ordered before the event, and $22 if ordered after.

One way or another, do not miss this event!

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