Elephant: Strength, Wisdom & Purpose

Take a deep breath and let the spirit of Elephant fill you.  Click here to listen to Elephant’s Song

elephant400Ah, what power is yours.  You are a tower of strength.  Your heart is full of courage and you know that you can do and be anything you care to.  After all, you are Elephant.

With Elephant Spirit within you, you will be able to command attention and hold power without saying a word.  When you are this strong, when you have this much power, you can do and say little and still have great impact.  Your power is absolute; there is no need to talk about it.  You command the situation simply by being.

Elephant energy will also increase your memory and allow you intuitive access to the wisdom of the ages, teaching you as Elephants have taught each other, generation after generation.  As you walk the old Elephant pathways of knowledge, you will find that solutions will come to you with a sudden knowing.

Elephant energy is very social and affectionate and will allow you to build a strong support system of loving friends and family, loyal and devoted.  Close interactions with others will come naturally as you become more comfortable with Elephant energy.

Whenever you need to, just breathe in deeply and let Elephant power pour into you.  Then go about doing what you wish to do, quietly and with purpose, knowing that you cannot help but succeed.  For you are Elephant and the universe bends to your will.


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