Wolf: Free Spirit, Path-Finding & Community

Take a deep breath and let the spirit of Wolf fill you.    Click here to listen to Wolf’s Song

wolf-400Wolf has many gifts to give you and many lessons to teach.  You are blessed indeed to have this spirit within your heart.

Wolf will teach you how to balance individuality with society.  There are times when you know you must go your own way, expressing who you are in no uncertain terms.  There are times when your free spirit yearns only for the company of the full moon.  Let Wolf strength and power fill you in those times when you know you must stand alone.

Wolf will also teach you to be a part of a group, how to enjoy the love and companionship of friends and family as well as how to take advantage of the great success you can have when you work closely with others, fully aligned in direction and purpose.

Wolf will teach you how to balance these two sides of yourself.  Let Wolf intuition guide you in the best way to be right now, in each moment as it unfolds.

Wolf will also give you great stamina and perseverance, the ability to continue for miles, across ice and snow, until you reach your destination.  Wolf Spirit will increase your intelligence and adaptability, so you are able to find the right path, whether it is through a dense forest or crossing a snowy mountain.

Wherever life takes you and however things are there, just reach down deep into your heart and you will feel Wolf there, helping you find your way.


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