Welcome to Power Animals Unleashed!

white-horse400-2Are you ready to UNLEASH your GREATNESS?

Do you want to SHINE OUT with all that you are?

You have come to the right place!

At Power Animals Unleashed you will sit by a stream and contemplate your intentions before entering the Enchanted Forest.  Once there, you breathe and wait, until you feel your Power Animal approaching.  Then click when the time is right, and your Power Animal will appear, a loving and loyal companion and source of great power and energy!

You may Learn More or just go into the Enchanted Forest and meet your Power Animal right now!

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Keep reading to learn more about how the Power Animals Unleashed will transform your life. 


Invite the Power Animals into your life every day to shift your life:

  • Your relationships will improve, as you move out of uncontrolled, triggered, emotional response into peaceful, centered connection.
  • Your decisions will be clearer and wiser, based on an enhanced intuitive connection.
  • You may become increasingly aware of an energy, a force, almost a tangible presence, that begins to fill and empower your life, the power of the Power Animals Unleashed.


As you enter this new level of power, you will find that:

  • You face circumstances that once challenged you, filled with strength, confidence and joy.
  • You are deeply in touch with your own personal truth and full of the courage you need to act upon it.
  • You are able to sustain the patience and effort required for the fulfillment of your deepest desires.
  • Difficult people suddenly appear transparent, their fears and desires clearly written upon them.


At this higher level of power:

  • Your life will be full of coincidence and serendipity, as the universe opens its doors to you and invites you out to play.
  • You may suddenly find yourself wanting to study areas that were previously difficult or mysterious to you, such as investments and finance.
  • You will be drawn to learn what you need to know in preparation for the unveiling of the manifestation of your desires.


Use Power Animal energy to hold doubt away from you, to allow yourself to walk boldly into the new life unfolding before you.  The manifestation of desire is the opening of the golden door to the light, but you must still fill yourself with courage and walk through.

The Power Animals will help you do just that.


I hope to see you in the Enchanted Forest soon!

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